Want to earn money promoting ListenYo?

ListenYo is an intuitive web application that allows mobile users to listen to YouTube, without loading video content.

  • Quick access to all YouTube videos and playlists in audio format
  • Up to 4 times less internet data, while keeping the same audio quality
  • Browse other apps while listening or turn off your screen, significantly reducing your mobile battery usage
  • Auto-play, repeat and all that jazz...

We are growing quickly and have been featured in major media outlets such as:

We'd like to have you on board.

Step 1 - Become a ListenYo affiliate

Head over to Paddle and create a free account.


Paddle is a vendor and payment processor that takes care of our subscription billing.

Once you create an account, you will automatically become a ListenYo affiliate. That means every time someone visits ListenYo through your affiliate link, you get a 100% commission on every transaction that visitor makes for the duration of 3 subscription cycles.

How does it work?

When you become an affiliate you get your own unique link that you can use to link to ListenYo. If a visitor comes through your link, ListenYo will automatically set a cookie on that user's device that is valid for 30 days.

When a visitor purchases a ListenYo account (becomes a subscriber), you will get paid the full amount of the first 3 months of that visitor's subscription cycle.

Step 2 - Start promoting

You can use any channel you wish to start promoting (but please don't use spamming techniques). Facebook is recommended as it is often used to post links to YouTube songs, but feel free to get creative.

How to get my affiliate link?

Once you register with Paddle, head over to the left sidebar and click on Affiliates. From there, choose Links from the navigation menu and click Get affiliate link.

That's it!

Your Paddle affiliate link will look something like this:


Remember to configure your Paddle account for payout preferences. For more information please don't hesitate to get in touch.